Welcome! Join me as I adventure through the world of aquatic microbiology and keep track of my work in the lab, field, and classroom.


Sampling Chesapeake Bay bottom water to collect bacterioplankton and investigate community response to anoxia.

I recently joined the Department of Biology faculty at Middlebury College as Assistant Professor of Biology. My focus here will be molecular microbial ecology. I will teach in the introductory level Ecology and Evolution course, as well as upper level courses related to microbial ecology. I will continue a research collaboration with Dr. Michael Twiss at Clarkson University examining microbial communities in the wetlands along the St. Lawrence River and their ability to mobilize methyl mercury.

I’m a contributor at Femina Sciscitator, where we aim to create a space to empower women in science. If you have suggestions or would like to contribute, let us know!

I just finished a year as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology at St. Lawrence University where I taught microbiology. Previously I worked as an adjunct faculty member at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Sage College at Albany. The courses I taught in Spring 2016 were BIO 110 Environmental Issues, and BIOL 2120 Intro to Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory. I completed my PhD in Department of Microbiology at Cornell University in August 2015 where I worked in the Hewson Laboratory. My dissertation research explored aquatic bacterial and viral communities, primarily in Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, using a suite of molecular biological techniques.

This is an electronic version of my professional portfolio covering the topics of teaching, research,  and professional development. You can explore my beliefs and passion for teaching and also stay up to date on my research in environmental microbiology. I use this site as a place to document my experiences, professional development, and critically reflect on my teaching and research. These are evolving and living documents, and the annotations that will change with my experiences.