Teaching Material Examples

The following are examples of teaching materials I have helped develop and used in class.

Lecture Slides

These slides are from a lab recitation section I co-led discussing the importance and application of what we were doing in the upcoming labs in the real world. The topics include: water treatment, bacteriophage, siderophores and conjugation.

Small Group Activity

This is one of three small group activities that were developed for teaching and applying bioinformatics in a sophomore level general biology class. The goal was to allow students to become familiar with the mechanics of running a BLAST search as well as helping them to understand what the results mean and how they can be applied. Part 1 of the activity was completed out of class and brought in on the day of Part 2. Students then worked in small groups (2-3 students) to work through Part 2 in class.

Mid-term Practical Exam

Here is an example of a mid-term practical exam I developed and used in my lab section. This exam was used to test practical lab skills that had been developed in the first six weeks of the course. These skills included: light microscopy (bright field and phase contrast), colony observation, streak plating for isolation of organisms, and quick tests for microbe identification,

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