My dissertation research focused on understanding microbial respiration in oxygen depleted waters.  Most of my work centered around experiments in Chesapeake Bay. I took water samples from deep waters, that experience seasonal anoxia, extracted RNA from these samples, sequenced the mRNA and looked for changes in the microbial population.

Additionally I investigated viruses on a research cruise in the Atlantic Ocean. The overall aim of the research was to characterize deep water dissolved organic matter through a multifaceted research approach utilizing chemical and biological questions and methods. For more information check out my blog and the research cruise blog.

For more in depth descriptions of my research, the contributions I’ve made so far to the field and future visions of where I see my research headed please view my research statement. *Since some of this information is unpublished, to access this research statement contact me for the password. If you are interested in working or collaborating with me don’t hesitate to contact me.*